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Broomball is great group entertainment and individual exercise that's played on the ice with strategies similar to hockey.  Team players strike a ball about the size of a soccer ball with "brooms" and try to score goals into a net. 

Broomball is perfect for team building and corporate events, fraternity and sorority rush events and socials, church groups, and birthday parties!

What do I Need to Play?


Protective gear such as elbow pads, knee pads, shin guards, and gloves are strongly recommended but not mandatory.

Rubber soled, non-marking athletic shoes are recommended for better traction on the ice. No spikes, cleats, heavy boots, or sandal footwear is permitted.



What are the Rules?


Game Basics: An official game consists of two 20 minute running periods. Players wear shoes instead of skates.

Teams: Each team has a goalie, three forwards, and two defensemen (same line up as hockey). 

Checking: Broomball is a non-contact sport. Absolutely NO checking is allowed.

Goalies: Goalies may NOT throw or roll the ball beyond the face-off circle, but he/she can pass the ball with their broom as far as they want. Any ball that goes behind the net is the goalie’s ball.

Kicking: Kicking the ball is not allowed, except from a player’s foot to his/her own broom. This includes the goalie.

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