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16-17 Novice Division

16-17 Atom Major Division

Chilled Ponds Hockey League is committed to provide programs and opportunities for as many boys and girls who wish to participate in youth hockey.  We offer innovative programs to provide new players with entry into amateur ice hockey and to offer existing players an opportunity for continued development and growth.

Our mission is based on the values and goals set forth by USA Hockey.  The core values of USA Hockey include sportsmanship, respect for individual, integrity, and pursuit of excellence, enjoyment, loyalty, and teamwork. The philosophies and guidelines of USA Hockey are aimed at achieving programs which stimulate increased and equitable participation, improvement of skills, and which operate in a responsible environment for the conduct of youth hockey.  

16-17 Atom Minor Division

16-17 High School Division

Training Tiers for Chilled Ponds Hockey

Learn-To-Skate through Whaler Nation


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