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Chilled Ponds Hockey League is committed to provide programs and opportunities for as many boys and girls who wish to participate in youth hockey.  We offer innovative programs to provide new players with entry into amateur ice hockey and to offer existing players an opportunity for continued development and growth.

Our mission is based on the values and goals set forth by USA Hockey.  The core values of USA Hockey include sportsmanship, respect for individual, integrity, and pursuit of excellence, enjoyment, loyalty, and teamwork. The philosophies and guidelines of USA Hockey are aimed at achieving programs which stimulate increased and equitable participation, improvement of skills, and which operate in a responsible environment for the conduct of youth hockey.  

Chilled Ponds was one of only 11 facilities around the country to have over 100 Try Hockey for Free participants! This achievement was recognized in USA Hockey Magazine's May edition. Thank you for helping us grow the sport of hockey in the Hampton Roads area. We look forward to continuing to develop the young hockey players who come to us through programs like this. Stay tuned for more opportunities like this one in the fall!