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No Team? No Problem.

Register for our Free Agent group and we will get you on a team.



PAH Contacts:

John McDonald

PAH Director

Phone: 757-420-4488

Lisa Whitbeck

Ref Scheduling & Score Keeping

Phone: 757-420-4488


Teams of 14-19 Players

5-on-5 Games

3 Minute Warm-Ups

(3) 17-Minute running clock periods

Last minute of every period is stop clock

Non-check league, slap shots allowed

Full Hockey Equipment Required

PAH games are governed by the USA Hockey rule book with amendments noted in the PAH handbook

All players MUST be registered with USA Hockey for the current season


Winter Season Begins: December 10, 2019

14 Game Season

Best of Three Playoffs

"A/B" League:

Advanced Level

Thursday/Wednesday Nights

"Upper C" League:

Intermediate Level

Tuesday Nights

"Lower C" League:

Beginner Level

Wednesday Nights

"Over 30" League:

Mixed Level

Monday Nights

Game Days:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Nights



Multi-League Team Discounts

Register your team in our A/B/or C League and join a 2nd League during a co-occurring season for a discounted price! 

Add a 2nd Team: A, B or C Leagues, add a 2nd team during the same season by playing up a division.  

Discounted Team Fee: $3599 *If paying by credit card, there will be a 4% processing fee.

Add a 3rd Team:

Discounted Team Fee: $3399  *If paying by credit card, there will be a 4% processing fee.



Original Team Fee must be paid at regular price.  Discount applies to the 2nd or 3rd team fee.  There must be a minimum of 7 double roster players to qualify.

The Ponds Adult Hockey (PAH) League is designed to provide a safe and sportsmanlike environment in which hockey players of all abilities can enjoy the competition and camaraderie of organized hockey. Based upon respect for one's opponent, the officials, and the game, PAH expects all to contribute to the games growth and excitement while taking part in it. A cooperative effort between the league, its players, its teams and its officials is essential in creating an atmosphere conducive to fair play and the well-being of all participants. By offering multiple levels of competition the league provides an appropriate venue for every adult player and/or team desirous of recreational play.

PAH does not embrace a "win at all costs" attitude. It is not the appropriate venue for venting one's personal frustrations, nor is it a league for "enforcers", antagonizers or for those whose intensity level does not allow them to adhere to the aforementioned ideals.

PAH values its customers who have made our Adult hockey league the finest in the region.  An acknowledgement of thanks to those currently playing in the spirit of the league and we would ask everyone who plays here to strive toward that end.

A/B/C League Season Information 
Ponds Adult Hockey League offers 3 seasons.

Each  season consists of 14 regular season games, followed a best of three playoff series.

PAH accepts team signups with a minimum of 14 players and a max of 19 players per team.

Prior to joining the PAH, players should complete our ALTP program which provides all the basics required to learn and enjoy the game of hockey. Schedules average one game per week, however based upon league circumstances some teams could be required to play games on alternate game nights.

Prior to the start of the season, a Rate Skate will be held for all individual and new players hoping to join teams. All team captains will be notified of the skate and may choose to attend if they are looking to add to their roster for the upcoming season. The rate skate costs $12