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Public Skating Sessions

How to Dress for Skating...

Keeping in mind the conditions of an ice skating rink, Chilled Ponds has a few recommendations that can make you and your child’s ice skating experience a more pleasurable one!

  • Warm, loose fitting or flexible clothing
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Hair pulled back and/or out of face
  • Thin, above the ankle socks
  • Helmet (bicycle helmets work perfectly)
  • Also, be sure that skates are snug!

Public Session Rules:

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all skaters, we ask for everyone to follow these rules:

While on the Ice, DO:

  • Skate the same direction
  • Go around the cones
  • Use an appropriate speed
  • Be mindful of others
  • Exit ice when being resurfaced
  • Obey the Skate Guard
  • Report any unsafe conditions
  • Wear your wristband
  • Have fun!


  • Kick holes in ice
  • Make snowballs
  • Sit on side boards
  • Carry anything or anyone
  • Throw anything 
  • Wear shoes
  • Raise skates above your knees
  • Eat or drink
  • Use phones or headphones
  • Use hockey sticks or pucks 
  • Play tag or make trains 

Walker Policy:

  • Only to be used by young, beginner skaters who need assistance 
  • DO NOT sit on or play games with walker
  • Rent and Return at the Front Desk
  • First come, first served

Skate Rental and Return:

  • Trade shoes for skates
  • Provide your shoe size
  • Choose hockey skates or figure skates
  • Tighten skates all the way up
  • Tuck in the laces upon return

Thank You!
Chilled Ponds Management

Public Session Pricing

General Admission


$10 with Military ID, and for children 7 and under, or Seniors 55+

Both prices are with OR without skates

Doors open 30 min prior to session

Bags/Backpacks are not permitted during public skating _______________________

Punch Cards:

$112.00 for 10 Public Sessions





*Walkers are a skating aid for young, beginning skaters. Walkers are not available during glow-n-skate*  


Please Note

***Effective 4/13/18***

If you are caught on the ice without paying, you will be asked to leave the building AND be charged a fee of $100 to be paid before you can return to the ice. Second offense, you will be asked to leave AND charged $300. Third offense, expulsion will be enforced.


This goes for Public Skating, Puckshoot, Pick-up, and Freestyle